I prefer to have a variety of ways to offer, gift, sell and move my art.


I deeply believe that going beyond a transactional relationship with what I make and how I live opens the heart (both yours and mine) in ways that are sorely needed at this time. I want there to be zero barriers between us. Click the order form below if you are interested in a gift, trade, or patronage order. If you know you want to pay with dollars, then go right to the shop linked here.

If you want to move alongside my creative work in a more intentional way,

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Center to Center Juniper

Heart to heart.

Human and Nature connection.

I am you, You are me.

Gathered from fallen juniper/cedar branches in Colorado.

Inner Freedom Seashells

My color. My story. My truths.

My edges. My dreams.

All of me or none of me. 

Gathered from the Pacific and Atlantic ocean.

Grounded BEing Rocks


Earth. Core. Sediment. Layers.

Healing, Centering & Evolving.

I am enough. 

Gathered mostly in Colorado.

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