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The radiant & cosmic piece is made with a fine black pen on white mixed-media paper. Each piece comes sprayed with a light coating of fixative for extra protection. This comes custom framed in a rough wood black frame with premium museum quality glass.


The words included in this piece are: 


"I am




& cosmic"


about this piece:

I've have always felt like there was a universe inside of me. In that same way, I trust that there is a universe inside of others. As someone who spends a lot of time by foot, I daily see and feel so much twisting, bending, adapting, and spiraling in the natural world. I seldom see nature as straight lines and sharp, "perfectly" pointed corners. There is so much around us (+ voices within us!) working to box us up. Hard lines. In or out. Good or bad. Ever since walking across the U.S. in 2010, I am forever fed up with binaries and boxes. This piece is an invitation to help connect us to our deeper selves, to the deeper stories in one another, and to our shared connection/relationship to the natural (and galactic!) world around us.


about the artist: 

I have been drawing my whole life. In the midst of so much change growing up, art class was always one of the safest places. Having gone to 12 different schools, carrying an extremely sensitive heart, and being gay/queer (aware since 7th grade), safe places to express were crucial. Beyond art class, I would hole up in my room and get lost in sketchbooks. I would design worlds - places that were open, expressive, colorful, playful, magical. There was always a sketchbook nearby and every blank corner of every homework assignment or quiz would be covered in miniature doodles. My artmarking has always helped me lay down "I hope they like me" performing, harmonizing and space holding, and chaos navigating - at home, in school, in peer groups, and alongside a hurting (+ beautiful) world. I won numerous art awards in my younger years and studied fine art and graphic design at Palomar College (AA in Liberal Arts with emphasis on Fine Art and Graphic Design) and Metro State University (BA in Art, Design & Entrepreneurship). Artistic expression is central to all aspects of my work. I have assisted an uncountable number of individuals, non-profits, and businesses in concept, logo, and campaign design. My multi-dimensional "Walking Artist" process is primarily informed by the people I walk with, the landscapes I move in, and an always mysterious inner journey. Every walk I take comes with a blank canvas. Unhurried movement significantly increases my capacity to honor, listen, and nurture my imagination.  Unhurried movement helps me witness, invite, and honor the hard, the painful, the good, the awe-inspiring, the basic, and the profound.  


pricing & specs:

  • Price is determined based on number of hours, detail work, and planning/curation process.
  • Price includes the cost of high quality custom framing ($250).
  • Price does not include shipping (see shipping note).
  • Frame size: 13.5 L x 13.5 W x 1.3 H inches

your purchase helps to support all of my creative projects moving through Intrinsic Paths (walking invitations, meditative practices, WALK book events, Pedestrian Dignity project, Movement Weaving partnerships, gifted artwork, and more).


Intrinsic Paths patrons receive discounted shipping on original pieces + additional print/sticker gifts. Juniper + Willow patrons (5% off) and Hawthorn + Mother Tree patrons (10% off) receive special discounts on original artwork. If you are a patron, please reach out to receive your appropriate discount code. Click here to learn more about becoming a patron.

radiant and cosmic - original

  • I am mostly based in Denver, CO. If you are in the Denver metro area, we can coordinate a pick-up/drop-off of the original piece if you wish. If you are outside of the metro area and/or if you would prefer this item is shipped, please plan to budget for an extra $45-$55 (domestic). I am not shipping original pieces internationally at this time. Please reach out to me by texting (720) 263-0227 or emailing jonathon (at) intrinsicpaths (dot) com to coordinate after your purchase.

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