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Walking path along the Rio Grande River in Alamosa, Colorado at sunrise.
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Intrinsic Paths centers programming and artistic exploration through Walking InvitationPedestrian DignityEngaged Contemplation, and Movement Building.


Image credit: Art Heffron

Jonathon Stalls, Walking Artist 

I spent 242 days walking across the United States in 2010 and have continued to move alongside thousands of people for thousands of miles. My creative work currently moves in the realms of pen drawing, writing and poetry, storytelling with the Pedestrian Dignity project, economic and racial justice organizing, meditative practices, and creating/scouting long-distance walking routes. My first book, WALK - Slow Down, Wake Up & Connect at 1-3 Miles Per Hour (North Atlantic Books) is now available. Much of my work is nourished and supported by an incredible patron community.


I identify as gay/queer (he, his), founded Walk2Connect in 2012, and attended the Living School for Action and Contemplation from 2015-2017.

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