Now if I hear the genuine in me, and if you hear the genuine in you, it is possible for me to go down in me and come up in you. So that when I look at myself through your eyes "having made that pilgrimage, I see in me what you see in me and the wall that separates and divides will disappear and we will become one because the sound of the genuine makes the same music. 


        ~ Rev Dr Howard Thurman


“...each person must explore the inner reality of his or her humanity, facing unmet potential and catastrophic failure with unmitigated honesty and grace. Finally, each one of us must face the unlovable neighbor ~ the enemy outside of our embrace and the shadow skulking in the recesses of our own hearts.”


~ Rev Dr Barbara A Holmes              

"...the Earth will be safe when we feel safe in ourselves."


~ Thich Naht Hanh          


"If we do not transform our pain, then we will most assuredly transmit it."


        ~ Fr Richard Rohr

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."


~ Rumi


While holding the hands of many wisdom teachers, listening and absorbing the wisdom of the natural world, and drawing from raw and unique life experiences, Intrinsic Paths centers on the work of Radical Personal Transformation and Engaged Contemplation in creating a more open, just, loving, and human future.  


walking meditation

Hosting and guiding unhurried movement centered on contemplative practice, human dignity, and nature connection alongside groups and individuals.

ritual & practice

Honoring.   Opening.   Being.


Invitation and guidance in centering practice, cultural humility, anti-racism, human vulnerability, nature wisdom, and living with uncertainty. 


Using visual art, writing, poetry, and creative collaboration to imagine a more engaged, just, and loving future.

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