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Intrinsic Paths develops custom hand-drawn walking* routes to engage individuals and groups with a variety of environments to help us move and connect with the beauty, barriers and wonder of moving the way we're made to in today's time. Routes and guide are updated periodically. Feedback is always welcome. Please have space, grace, and flexibility when using them. Consider using all or segments of each route map alongside the many practices in my forthcoming book,

"WALK - Slow Down, Wake Up & Connect at 1-3 MPH".

If you are interested in working together to develop a custom route where you live, please reach out by filling out the inquiry form below. As a walking artist, my time and work is supported almost entirely by patrons and selling/gifting/trading artwork. If you are seeking additional support for experiencing any routes provided here or if you want to connect on a custom route near you, please consider joining as a patron here.

*Routes and guide were developed from an able-bodied walking perspective. I have filtered all routes for possible ways to experience this on wheelchairs or powered scooters but as an able-bodied person and am extremely limited with what I can offer. Please reach out if you would like to scout route segments using your mobility device so we can co-create an accessibility-centered invitation!

Fort Collins 2 TRINIDAD 
Phase one: Fort Collins to pueblo (200-230 Miles)
PHASE two: Pueblo to Trinidad (120-150 Miles)

Click on each button to download PDF.

#FtCollins2Pueblo #Pueblo2Trinidad #FtCollins2Trinidad

Design, scouting, artwork, content, promotion, and everything in and around the development of each route

is made possible by Intrinsic Paths Patrons!

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