A human-centered, body-based, and holistic educational and awareness-building approach to what pedestrians experience and face in a time of increasing speed, devastating isolation, and car-centric practices.


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Pedestrian dignity

A collaborative series of pedestrian advocacy tips with Pedestrian Space:

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Stories, videos, photos, interviews using social media platforms and community organizing to heighten broader awareness for pedestrian*-related challenges and opportunities.

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*inclusive to people who use wheelchairs, powered strollers, and walkers 

Your Stories

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*centering people who have no choice but to walk, roll on a wheelchair, and/or take public transit as their primary form of transportation

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Guided and custom curated movement (walking/rolling) experiences with decision-makers, community organizers, and passionate residents/advocates on experiential human-centered approaches to amplify awareness and urgency related to the transportation experience of pedestrians and people who use a wheelchair. Invite me to host (and train!) you and your team.


Visit each of the links below to read, listen, and learn alongside various articles and podcasts featuring the Pedestrian Dignity project:

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(Oct 2021)

5280 Mag: Denver Sidewalk Infrastructure is Failing

(Oct 2021)

Denver Post: Where the Sidewalk Ends 

(Sept 2021)

Living Denver Podcast: Empire Lines & Pedestrian Perspectives

(May 2021)

Decolonize Everything Podcast: "Car Culture" (April 2021)