A human-centered, body-based, and holistic educational and awareness-building approach to what pedestrians experience and face in a time of increasing speed, devastating isolation, and car-centric practices.


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Pedestrian dignity

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Stories, videos, photos, interviews using social media platforms and community organizing to heighten broader awareness for pedestrian challenges and opportunities. 

Your Stories

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Follow @PedestrianDignity and use #PedestrianDignity when sharing your own experiences. You can also fill out the form linked below to set-up a time for a casual interview.


Hosting movement experiences with decision-makers, community organizers, and passionate residents on experiential human-centered approaches to amplify and prioritize policies and investments that center pedestrians and people who use a wheelchair. Invite me to take your team on a unique walking/rolling experience.


Creative projects, artwork, and experiments centered on inspiring, moving, and lifting the lived experience of all who move by foot or wheelchairs in our time.


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