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A grassroots educational and awareness-building approach centering the lived experience of all who move as pedestrians (on foot, on a wheelchair +) in a time of increasing speed, devastating isolation, and car-centric practices.


Take a look at the four invitations below. Reach out with collaboration ideas and be sure to follow all social media accounts to help increase public awareness and FELT knowledge towards a healthier future for the planet and all who live on it. 

Pedestrian dignity

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Support the Pedestrian Dignity

project by becoming Patron here! ($5/month or $60/year)

A collaborative series of pedestrian advocacy tips with @PedestrianSpace (IG):


Want to engage with the Pedestrian Dignity project? Want to get connected to other advocates?

Join the Pedestrian Dignity Discord! See the link and additional resources on our LinkTree here. If the link doesn't work, please reach out by connecting through the form.

Your Stories

Send your stories, photos, and experiences so we can share, support, and inspire.

*centering people who have no choice but to walk, roll on a wheelchair, and/or take public transit as their primary form of transportation

Follow/mention @PedestrianDignity and use #PedestrianDignity when sharing your own experiences.



The Pedestrian Dignity project centers much of its work through hosting lived experience (walk/roll/transit) events to amplify awareness and urgency related to pedestrian mobility.


Please use the form linked below to inquire about Pedestrian Dignity events alongside your neighbors, community organizations, conferences, planning projects, and more.

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