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commission work

I am honored and grateful that you are here. Thank you for your trust and support of my artwork!

As I am more than likely holding multiple projects at once and often on longer-distance walking experiences, I can only take on 2-3 commission projects at a time. Please take a moment to fill out the form below sharing more about what you are looking for. Keep in mind that it may take up to two weeks to get back with you.

~ Jonathon

hourly rates

The process

I have just started to formalize a commission process. Please be patient and flexible as I learn what works and what doesn't. ; ) I always like to start this process with a 30-minute video call, walking/movement meeting or phone call. I want to make a connection to YOUR vision for your piece/s. From there, we can co-create a plan. Considering this is pen artwork, I prefer to have limited drafting stages. Please be sure to browse the shop so you can get familiar with my style.

Things I enjoy creating in the commission realm:

- Individual pieces connected to your dreams, ideas, aches & intentions. Browse the Intrinsic Paths shop for more ideas. These can be designs for your home, work or creative space. They can be gifts for loved ones or made into

greeting cards, etc.

- A collection of pieces for your journal, book, poetry, manual, etc.

- Tattoo drawings. While I am not a tattoo artist, I can help to inspire tattoo drawings for your tattoo artist.

Things I won't be creating for commission at this time:

- Portraits

- Anything too specific. I prefer to have A LOT of creative freedom around your ideas and vision. If you already have an exact idea for what you want and you want it to look just like a certain photo, image in your head, etc., this is

more than likely not a fit. That said, I do like to work with photos of real things if given spacious creative freedom (i.e. photos as inspiration/direction).

- Anything too text heavy. I enjoy working with text, but have limits

on how much I like to include in the pieces.

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