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Artistic exploration, walk/roll event hosting, long distance route support, Walking Movement Leader training, and more alongside individuals, groups, organizations, and communities related to the profound benefits of moving the way we're made to (by foot or in a wheelchair).


Making room in your life for intentional walking (solo or with others) for 30 minutes, a couple of days, or a season can bring profound healing, connection, creativity, and health.  

Interested in Walking Movement Leader Training for your group, community or organization? Would you like to hire one or several walking leaders/teachers for an event, conference or retreat?

Walk2Connect is now a program of America Walks! Learn more here:


{Self-Paced} 12 Themes & 60+ Practices

Ways of Walking Online

Learning Series

Walking/Movement Audio Meditations:

Making More Room
Tree Meditation 

Walking as Relationship

Bold Love Pledge

Listen to ALL movement meditations from Intrinsic Paths on Insight Timer here.

PDF Walking/Movement Practices:

Sacred ObjectsCenter to Center


WALK - Slow Down, 

Wake Up & Connect at 1-3

Miles Per Hour

Did you know that my new

book (here) has a host of practices

in every chapter? I also highly

recommend the audiobook so

you can move and listen!

WALK can be found anywhere

books are sold! Be sure to check

your local bookstores.

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Become a Patron 

Support my work as a full-time Walking Artist! Perks: community connection, gathering invites, walking practices/reflections, walking event/art discounts, more.


Are you looking for support alongside your own walking/movement goals, practices, or experiences? (meditative, longer distance, group/community, etc.) Please take a moment to fill out the form linked below:

walking stories

Do you receive my occasional

e-newsletter with various "walking stories"? I also store them here. Every walk I take inspires my creative writing, pen art, and Pedestrian Dignity advocacy. Each story include photos, links, resources, artwork, and more.


Making time for mindful unhurried walking or rolling can profoundly deepen your connection to others, to your own life journey, and to your surroundings. I have several recorded audio tracks to accompany your movement:


My personal and shared walking experiences inform, inspire, and help move my artmaking in every way. Please check out my pen shop linked below and be sure to reach out if you have collaboration ideas.

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