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Welcome to the Intrinsic Paths Ink Art Shop!

I prefer to have a variety of ways to offer, gift, sell and move my art. If you would like to purchase artwork, please use the shop features below. If you are curious about gift, trade or patronage art orders, please fill out the gift & trade order form here.



If you are interested in original artwork, please email me at: jonathon (at) intrinsicpaths (dot) com inquiring about which piece/s you are interested in. I am currently working on updating my shop with each of the available originals.

Commission artwork:

Please visit the commission page here for more information.

25% off ALL art, always for patrons

Learn more about becoming an Intrinsic Paths patron here.

Digital Shop on Patreon

1. Earth Integration Series (1-10) - High Quality PNG Images here


While each of the ink art images below range in color (due to varied lighting), 

all prints are sharp/solid black & white.

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