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Walking as a Meditative Practice

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Throughout this 6-part audio course, we will expand our inner and outer connection to moving more the way we're made to. In addition to a simple structure for inviting a walking (or rolling if on a wheelchair) pace alongside your meditative practice, we'll move through tangible planning tips, location ideas, hosting options for pairs and groups, and a variety of add-on practices. After this course, you will expand your relationship to the benefits of walking and pick up tangible next steps for nourishing your own personal and shared practice. There is light music playing in the background throughout each lesson by Liborio Conti. I highly suggest slowly walking outside with a small notebook while listening to each lesson. *All proceeds from courses & ink art sales helps to sustain the Pedestrian Dignity project, gifting out WALK book/artwork, and a variety of community collaborations. **All Intrinsic Paths Patrons get free access to all Intrinsic Paths courses** Learn more about becoming a patron here: You will get your course coupon code soon after signing up. Please send a message to 720.263.0227 if you don't get your code soon after signing up.

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