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Want to work with intrinsic Paths to host
a private WALK RELATED TO this Series?

Fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page and be sure to mention your interest in hosting/customizing an in-person workshop or walking experience related to Embodied Proximity with your group or community.


This could be a beautiful opportunity to heal, open, and connect your people to one another, to themselves, and to their surroundings in deep and meaningful ways.

Invite others Along!

"Hey, want to do this with me?"

Invite your peers, family, spouse/partner, and colleagues to join you for the series for additional connection and accountability. 


Thank you for visiting! Considering COVID-19, the Embodied Proximity series has been postponed until further notice. You can still dive into the first three sections below. Please check back here for updates!


The Embodied Proximity series roots into invitation, inspiration, and practice around how you can more intentionally walk/roll within a 1-3 mile radius around where you live, work and play.

Join and particiapte by visiting the LINKED posts below. They will open within the first week of each month Feb-Nov 2020. You can check Intrinsic Paths on social media, sign-up for monthly emails (bottom of page), or become an Intrinsic Paths Patron at any level where you will get direct notifications as each theme is posted.

Embodied Proximity centers people who have no choice but to move by foot, wheelchair, or powered stroller in today's time. All themes will have filters and guidance for those who have no choice and those that do.

Click Links Below:

February: Honoring & Listening

history, class, privilege, race, humility

March: Routes & Stops

busses, trains, transit, shuttles

April: Food & Foraging

grocery, local farms/cafes, native plants

May: Learning & Shipping

libraries, community centers, post offices

June: Schools & Jobs

community care, stress, clarity, creativity

July: Birds & Trails

identification, nests, networks, health


August: Creeks & Water Sheds

water connection, rest, habitat

September: Trees & Parks

identification, roots, air, nature

October: Artists & Healers

creative expression, stories, aches

November: Committees & Co-ops

engagement, collectives, from me to we

What's included?

Each of the 10 themes will include:

Reflections and guided meditations (video or audio) that will be linked on the Intrinsic Paths YouTube channel or as an attachment. 

Walking/rolling practices that guide and inspire practical movement and connection.

Tips and tricks that invite each theme to fit into your unique/immediate location.

Resources (articles, books, poems) to deepen and expand your connection to each theme.

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