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Nature Wisdom Art

Non-binary rock, wood, and seashell Nature Wisdom Art

Beauty is deep within each of us and deeply woven all around us. And, it is often not easy to see it. Through practice and art, I carry great passion for drawing out what is Divine and Radiant and Beautiful in the natural world as a pathway to draw out what is Divine and Radiant and Beautiful in you, in each of us. Imagine the last thing you noticed in nature that felt awe-inspiring. What was it? Do you remember how it made you feel? If it's been awhile, I highly recommend trying on the Nature Sees Me practice. Every detail in every plant, pinecone, fallen leaf, and reaching branch carries a universe of color, wonder and beauty. We simply need the time, heart, and space to see and be with it. I find that it's often not easy for me to see it because I'm rushing past it, artificial objects (or ideas) are blocking it, or I am unable, in that moment, to see the beauty within my own body and life.


This is why I have devoted so much time to Nature Wisdom Art. Whether it's fallen mature juniper tree branches, mountain valley stones, or seashells on the beach, each piece is picked up and chosen during one of my many walks. Each piece is then cleaned, shaped, sanded/polished, and crafted into a necklace piece (for wearing, holding, or hanging). The unique edges and colors of each piece make it unquestionably non-binary and non-linear. Nature Wisdom Art is intrinsic color and beauty that took years to form to its present-day state.

As you peer into, touch, and smell each piece, there is an exchange of wisdom between your pieces's unique elements and you. If we are present to it, we can constantly draw from what the natural world wants to teach us.


...the slow-growing, resilient, shedding, twisting and deeply colorful branches of juniper trees

...the layers, smoothness, multi-dimentional, and broken edges of sediment and stone

...the mysterious, complex, and cosmic colors, spirals, and patterns of seashells 

All Nature Wisdom Art is available as a gift, for trade, or for purchase. All Intrinsic Paths Patrons get 25% off of all art orders all the time. Take a look at the shop and reach out with any questions. I care a lot about each piece and how it speaks to you. I would love to hear what moves in you as you receive, wear, hang, or hold your Nature Wisdom Art pieces.

Visit the shop here.

~ Jonathon Stalls, Intrinsic Paths

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