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Intrinsic Paths FAQ

What is a Walking Artist?


This is one of the most common questions I get. ; ) You may be surprised to hear that there is a growing network of "Walking Artists", especially in Europe. Some focus their photography, drawing, or writing on things they see or experience while walking. Some focus their artmaking and writing on the benefits of, science of, philosophy of, or culture of moving through space and time on-foot. Some curate custom routes and programming through walking events/experiences. There are many iterations, as you can imagine, depending on the artist. For me, all of these frames apply. One aspect that I find to be unique about my journey as a Walking Artist is that I am constantly creating between the vast benefits of moving this way with the vast gaps that make walking terribly difficult for so many. I am consistently weaving themes of nature, mindfulness, mental health, and community connection with themes of mobility justice, accessibility, and climate action.

As you peer into, touch, and smell each piece, there is an exchange of wisdom between your pieces's unique elements and you. If we are present to it, we can constantly draw from what the natural world wants to teach us.


...the slow-growing, resilient, shedding, twisting and deeply colorful branches of juniper trees

...the layers, smoothness, multi-dimentional, and broken edges of sediment and stone

...the mysterious, complex, and cosmic colors, spirals, and patterns of seashells 

All Nature Wisdom Art is available as a gift, for trade, or for purchase. All Intrinsic Paths Patrons get 25% off of all art orders all the time. Take a look at the shop and reach out with any questions. I care a lot about each piece and how it speaks to you. I would love to hear what moves in you as you receive, wear, hang, or hold your Nature Wisdom Art pieces.

Visit the shop here.

~ Jonathon Stalls, Intrinsic Paths

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