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Inner Freedom Seashell necklaces are each specifically hand chosen from the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Many of the shells have a clear resin added to the inside to preserve the shell, enhance color, and to possibly contain floral/seed elements. The incredibly unique color, shape, brokenness/fragility, and relationship to flowing water with each shell is meant to inspire, awaken, and mirror 'inner freedom' in each us.


All jewelry proceeds support time and energy put into all aspects of Intrinsic Paths (walking programs, contemplative/meditative programming, Pedestrian Dignity). Be sure to browse this website to learn more, sign-up for monthly emails, and follow @IntrinsicPaths on social media to learn more. You can also move more intentionally alongside this work by becoming an Intrinsic Paths Patron.

{Choose for Me} Seashells

  • Inner Freedom Shells ordered directly from the shop come on one or two hemp or bamboo ropes of varying colors. Rope/s are tied into a one-size-fits-all fisherman's knot which can be pulled to expand and tighten the fit. A hole is drilled through each piece and the rope is fitted directly through the shell. Shells range from 1/2" - 3".

    Specific ropes and shells are chosen by artist with some guidance through this form.

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