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Greetings! I am currently on the Oregon Coast Trail. I return on Aug 6th. All orders will be shipped w/in two weeks after Aug 16th. Check out our route here.

welcome to the art shop!

I prefer to have a variety of ways to offer, gift, sell and move my art. If you would like to purchase artwork, please use the shop features below. If you are curious about gift, trade or patronage art orders, please fill out the gift & trade order form here.


original artwork

Check the "originals" filter in the shop below. If there is a piece you are curious about and you don't see it in the shop, please email me (below).

commission projects

I try to work on no more than 1-2 commission projects per month.

Visit my commission page for more info.

member discounts

Intrinsic Paths patrons receive 25% off discount on all prints & merch. Juniper + patrons receive discounts on original artwork and annual art gifts. Learn more here

digital shop

1. The Earth Integration series (1-9 + cosmic courage lion) is available here. Patrons at the Juniper tier and above get access to digital use of any/all designs. Please reach out if you have any requests or questions (below).

e: jonathon (at) intrinsicpaths (dot) com  |  text: 720 263 0227


While the images below range in color (varied lighting), 

all prints are sharp black & white.

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