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Center to Center Juniper Peace Necklaces are simple, beautiful pieces cut from fallen juniper/cedar branches throughout Colorado and New Mexico. The name Center to Center is an invitation to to see, invite, and more intentionally connect to all the color and beauty on the inside ~ of oneself, of one another, and all of creation.


Please keep in mind that ALL juniper pieces can vary greatly in shape, color and style based off the diverse differences in each branch/tree.


All jewelry proceeds support time and energy put into all aspects of Intrinsic Paths (walking programs, contemplative/meditative programming, Pedestrian Dignity). Be sure to browse this website to learn more, sign-up for monthly emails, and follow @IntrinsicPaths on social media to learn more. You can also move more intentionally alongside this work by becoming an Intrinsic Paths Patron.

{Choose For Me} Juniper

  • All Center to Center Juniper Peace Necklaces come on one or two hemp ropes of varying colors. Rope/s are tied into a one-size-fits-all fisherman's knot which can be pulled to expand and tighten the fit. A hole is drilled through each piece and the rope is fitted directly to the wood. Each wood piece is roughly 2-3 inches in size and is cut, sanded, and polished with care.

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