Grounded BEing Earth Stone necklaces are each specifically hand chosen from various landscapes across the USA (predominantly Colorado and New Mexico). Many of the stones have light, artistic wiring to wrap and hold the rock. The weight and uniqueness moving through each stone is meant to help ground and center us into the depths of our truths, convictions, and longings. Wheither worn, held, or placed on an altar, these stones invite a deep sense of belonging and worthiness, as we are, right where we are.


All jewelry proceeds support time and energy put into all aspects of Intrinsic Paths (walking programs, contemplative/meditative programming, movement building, Pedestrian Dignity). Be sure to browse this website to learn more, sign-up for monthly emails, and follow @IntrinsicPaths on social media to learn more. You can also move more intentionally alongside this work by becoming an Intrinsic Paths Patron.


Blessings, self-compassion, healing, and courage to all!


~ Jonathon

{Choose For Me} Earth Stones

  • Grounded BEing Earth Stones ordered directly from the shop come on one or two hemp or bamboo ropes of varying colors. Rope/s are tied into a one-size-fits-all fisherman's knot which can be pulled to expand and tighten the fit. A hole is drilled through each piece and the rope is fitted directly through the shell. Shells range from 1/2" - 3".

    Specific stones are chosen by artist with some guidance through this form. If you have specific colors and stone styles you are looking for, please fill out this jewelry form where you can go into more detail.