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Poetry Volume 1:


  • for you and for me
  • take more time
  • the ladder will fall
  • breaking it all open
  • come closer
  • what's it all for
  • oh my soul
  • with you, really with you


Intrinsic Paths art/poetry is meant to invite, open, and deepen our connection to one another, to our deeper selves, and to the natural world around us. If you have ideas for sharing Intrinsic Paths poetry, please reach out!


One Poetry Booklet: $15 ($5 off = $10)


All poetry booklet proceeds go to support time and energy put into all aspects of Intrinsic Paths (walking programs, contemplative/meditative programming, movement building, Pedestrian Dignity). Be sure to browse this website, sign-up for monthly emails, and follow @IntrinsicPaths on social media to learn more. You can also move more intentionally alongside this work by becoming an Intrinsic Paths Patron.

Intrinsic Paths Poetry Vol 1 (on sale)

  • All poetry booklets are 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches in size and printed black and white on white linen cover stock and white linen paper. They are light, thin, and flexible. They contain eight poems, a few drawings, and a table of contents.

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