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This piece moves directly alongside the Pedestrian Dignity project. People who walk, use wheelchairs, bike, and use transit deserve safety, accessibility, and comfort (in all weather conditions). This image shows someone who is carrying multiple grocery bags waiting for a bus (without shelter or a bench). Considering so many bus routes are infrequent, they could be forced to stand for 30 minutes to two hours (or more). Please consider getting prints of this piece and giving them to elected leaders, transportation staff, and anyone influencing transportation decisions in your community. If you want to support this project in a monthly way, please consider becoming a patron.


Intrinsic Paths drawings are meant to invite, open, and deepen our connection to one another, to our deeper selves, and to the natural world around us. If you have ideas for how you might want this drawing to be portrayed, printed, worn, or shown, please reach out.


4x4 $5
5x5 $15


Unless otherwise noted, all drawing card proceeds go to support time and energy put into all aspects of Intrinsic Paths (walking programs, contemplative/meditative programming, movement building, Pedestrian Dignity). Be sure to browse this website, sign-up for monthly emails, and follow @IntrinsicPaths on social media to learn more. You can also move more intentionally alongside this work by becoming an Intrinsic Paths Patron.

no bench no shelter

  • All prints have black ink on 100% post-consumer recycled cardstock. This specific piece comes in the following sizes: 4x4 & 5x5. There are a limited number of prints made for each art piece. All Intrinsic Paths patrons have permission to use artwork digitally. You can learn more about joining up as a patron here.

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