partners, peers, TEAMS, FAMILIES, & GROUPS

"Hey, want to do this with me?"

Moving through this workshop with a group of people can be a great way to keep yourself and others accountable to all of the tools, resources, practices, and invitations offered with each theme.


You will also build deeper connections to your peers, family, spouse/partner, and colleagues. 

Want to work with intrinsic Paths to host
a private 'ways of walking' workshop?

Fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page and be sure to mention your interest in hosting/customizing an in-person Ways of Walking workshop with your group or community.


This could be a beautiful opportunity to heal, open, and connect your people to one another, to themselves, and to their surroundings in deep and meaningful ways.

Workshop info

You can join this self-guided workshop at any time as it has now been made public (open to all!). Please still consider becoming a Patron at any level to support my ongoing creative work. Click on each of the links below to be taken to each theme.

What's included?

Each of the 12 themes includes:

Reflections and guided walking meditations (video and audio) that will be linked on the Intrinsic Paths YouTube channel or as an attachment. 

Walking  practices/assignments that guide and inspire you to move, connect, and embody walking activity in unique and meaningful ways.

Resources (articles, books, poems) to deepen and expand your connection to each theme.


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