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Walking Meditation

 Walking Meditation AS present, open, expansive & engaged

When people think of meditation, there might be many images that come to mind. Some folks might envision a character sitting with their legs crossed and hands clasped together on a cushion. Others might imagine the picture of someone lying down, maybe listening to the sounds of soft music in the background. What people don't commonly picture, however, is anything that typically looks like walking or human movement meditation. At Intrinsic Paths, you will find an ongoing variety of walking meditations both virtually and in-person. Intrinsic Paths hosts many in-person mediations throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and beyond. 

You can find several guided audio meditations as a part of the Ways of Walking learning series, on Insight Timer (see app on smartphones), on the Intrinsic Paths YouTube channel, and on Patreon. All of these mediums serve as access points for an ongoing menu of created meditations shaped for human movement. For so many, sitting on the cushion can feel constricting and terribly difficult. While that might be part of the intention for cushion/seated meditation, it often keeps a large number of people from practicing any form of meditation.

If you are curious about walking/human movement meditation, then contact Intrinsic Paths. This isn't about having concrete self-help answers and the 10 best "shoulds" for walking meditation. This is about a wide web of invitation and trying things on. At Intrinsic Paths, it's about meeting you where you are, learning to trust your own intuition, and all of us evolving together. Let's move the way we are made to. Let's slow down the defaults to press on at all costs. Let's literally stop to notice the details in the natural world, the details in one another, and those that arise in our deep hearts.

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