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Walking Practices

Walking Practices:


Have you been feeling far from your body and the outside world? Has your day-to-day existence felt chaotic, fragmented, and absent of creativity? Do you find yourself feeling empty and disconnected from everyone and everything? When was the last time you made an intentional effort to move at a pace where you can more wholeheartedly catch up with everything in you and around you?

If this resonates, take some time to lean into the many invitations and walking practices on this site. These are all signs that your life and world could be well out of balance, and that you are seeking intrinsic connection. Intrinsic Paths is a creative journey where we all (try) to shed the weight and limitation of false and artificial skin to seek more authenticity, healing, bold creativity, the rest our spirits cry for, and the courage our relationships and planet needs to inspire a more Human way.

Most people are deeply blessed when they discover clarity, peace, and harmony with their world when moving in safe and natural settings at an unhurried pace. Having practices that help us to connect, reconnect, and even disconnect when we need to can bring needed attention and intention for the human journey in this age. At Intrinsic Paths, walking practices honor both the beauty and the grief of moving the way we're made to. In addition to peace, clarity, and harmony, Intrinsic Paths also honors that walking and human movement can be violent, jarring, and exhausting depending on one's unique physical environment. At Intrinsic Paths, there are ongoing projects and programs that offer 'world as it is and the world as it should be' practices to meet us right where we are while also helping us heal and find serenity in a variety of storms. 


Intrinsic Paths is based in Colorado and works with unique communities, regions, or groups all over the world ~ virtually or in-person. Alongside the Walk2Connect Co-op, Jonathon Stalls has hosted walking practices, meditations, training, events, talks, and more throughout the world for years and is eager to continue inspiring and inviting more humble, open, and awake Human movement.

Long-distance walking programs with Intrinsic Paths mostly take place in Colorado's front range but with the right amount of planning and support can be curated right where you live. To get an idea of the kind of routes hosted by Intrinsic Paths, be sure to check out the Fort Collins to Pueblo, Colorado (200 + miles) walking route linked here. What makes walking and human movement practices so special isn't what we see, but what we get and what we learn. Be sure to visit the Ways of Walking learning series for a variety of practices (60 +). The mind needs rest, the spirit needs to breathe, and our bodies need to feel the intrinsic gifts nature offers all of us, as a part of us

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