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Walking Stories & Poetry

Below you will find stories and poetry inspired from a wide variety of walks I've taken over the years. If you would like to receive new writing pieces directly to your email, please sign-up here.


volume 1

for you and for me

take more time

the ladder will fall

breaking it all open

come closer

what's it all for?

oh my soul

with you, really with you


volume 2

honor thy ache

oh, beloved sound

look through me

my orange urine

like cactus

rise, beloved, rise

wild grief

formless love

**volume 2 comes printed with 4 ink drawings

volume 3
*coming soon!

alive in the fire

a certain kind of joy

empire lines


who must I become?

ages of unseen pain

300 million years

Intrinsic Paths poetry booklets are printed on white linen paper and are 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches in size. Each volume comes with eight poems (see above). Volume 2 comes with four drawings integrated into the design. You can purchase poetry booklets here in the shop for $10/each. 


If you are interested in receiving a booklet as a gift, for trade, or with patronage, please fill out this form.


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