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Intrinsic Paths

EssenCe & ethos: Intrinsic Paths

Everything we find in the world, in nature, and inside our deep being is at its most beautiful state when it is free from manipulation, power, coercion, greed, and hard lines. Consider a mountainside that hasn't been gutted by mining, roads, or civilization. Notice how the innocence, trust, playfulness, and love of a child is pure and without motive. While we more or less know we will forever face challenges and stressful times in this life, the need for creativity around how we stay close to and uncover **more** of what is intrinsic (in you and in me) can do wonders for how we love one another, ourselves, and the planet. The very name, Intrinsic Paths, places this need at the very center. Current projects explore nature wisdom, pedestrian dignity, walking meditation, brave artmaking, and so much more.

Moving alongside Intrinsic Paths is not a gimmick, 10-step plan, or how-to/should-do framework. It is completely rooted in making your interaction with various projects, programs, offerings, and art uniquely yours. It is a landscape of branches, seeds, and bridges to your own agency... Intrinsic Nature... Intrinsic Path... 

Ways to engage the creative work of Intrinsic Paths right now:

~ Move through the Ways of Walking learning series + attend an info session!

~ Become an Intrinsic Paths Patron and commit to a unique, long-term opening and deepening journey.

~ Sign-up for Intrinsic Paths emails here with monthly invitations, artwork, practices, and more.

~ Follow Intrinsic Paths on social media @IntrinsicPaths and subscribe to the Intrinsic Paths YouTube channel.

~ Wear, hold, read, or hang Intrinsic Paths art creations (ink drawings, poetry, and nature jewelry) by visiting the shop. All art is available through a gift, trade, or dollars framework.

~ Witness and advocate for pedestrian safety, equity, and health by following and supporting the Pedestrian Dignity project. Learn more here, follow @PedestrianDignity on social media, subscribe to the Pedestrian Dignity YouTube, and have a bundle of stickers sent to you or your team!

~ Reach out by filling out the contact form below to discuss other ways to engage.

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