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honor thy ache


claws in your stomach?

truths needing to be told...

someone else's pain?

that you continue to hold...

keep folding, keep hiding

more money, more plunder

go faster, go harder


at all costs

Divine Mother Thunder


honor thy ache


consumption as progress?

filling your tanks...

comfort or courage?

lay out the planks...

hands trembling, hold on

tears forming, not now

lock'm, bury'm

toxic clinging

unquestionable vow


honor thy ache


did it all fall apart?

breaking free from your boxes...

was healing an option?

great fires, grave losses...

frantic days, howling winds

some daggers, some potions

you feel, you leave

wandering misfits

all oceans


honor thy ache


have you looked long enough?

rubbing your eyes a few times...

do you see what the trees see?

beyond doings and lines...

pouring water, holding hands

humbly resting, patient sky

you, and them too


honor thy ache

promise you'll try





*written in Winter 2019/2020 by Jonathon Stalls of Intrinsic Paths

*included in Intrinsic Paths Volume 2

*Intrinsic Paths drawing: honor thy ache

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