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Ways Of Walking


A Blog Post by Intrinsic Paths Artist, Jonathon Stalls

Unhurried human movement has been one of my greatest teachers. I am filled to all my edges with conviction and passion to invite, create, inspire and experiement around how you and I access these many profound body, mind, heart, and spiritual lessons. My greatest story of education was my 242-day Walking Across the USA. This experience showed me the many ways of walking across 14 states and alongside hundreds of unique people. I stayed with over 120 strangers throughout this experience.

As an artist, advocate for planet, economic, and racial justice, and mentor, I am forever committed to helping shape more human movement to help people reconnect and deepen their relationships with each other, nature, and themselves. Shortly after my cross-country walk, I started an organization called Walk2Connect to inspire connection-focused walking communities. With the help of many walking leaders, co-op owners, members, and partner organizations, our network hosts hundreds of group walking events focused on human connection every month across the world. Alongside my creative work with Intrinisic Paths, I continue to weave and center many of my projects and programming around the ways of walking living in human bodies and stories in this time ~ the good, the hard, the violent, the peaceful, the calming, the healing, and the terrifying.

The Ways of Walking online learning series was launched in 2019 for those who desire to move into a deeper, more open, and more expansive relationship to walking and rolling. The series contains 12 themes that each offer video/audio reflection, a host of practices (60 +), community connecting, resources for ongoing learning, and more. You can learn more about the Ways of Walking series here and RSVP for upcoming Ways of Walking info sessions here. The entire series is open to the public and it is highly encouraged to move through the themes with others and with groups (whether in-person or with occasional check-ins for accountability and learning from mixed experiences).

We need more attentive, open, courageous, and humble movement in this time more than ever. I hope you feel encouraged to check out the online series. It's not a linear learning environment. Start with the themes that speak to you. Use a single practice, over and over again. Go back to the same Ways of Walking theme and change up your environments and who you walk with. Make each invitation yours. Be sure to reach out with questions along the way.

Under the trees,

Jonathon Stalls

Intrinsic Paths

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