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look through me


don't tread too close

I can't and I won't

the fire inside

freedom's great ghost

I'm boiling and breaking

spilling out the sides

my pain becomes yours

I'm dead, not alive


look through me


I'm caught in your eyes

weak and afraid

all the pain and the shame

my show, my parade

will love take me like this?

what's real, what's true

my colors are speaking

ripping the glue


look through me


your love is a knife

cutting my control

tears become rivers

aching and soul

pounding at gates

shaking the night

naked and awake






beckoning the light





*written in Spring of 2019 by Jonathon Stalls of Intrinsic Paths

*included in Intrinsic Paths Volume 2

*photo: taken by Jonathon Stalls on urban walk along South Platte River (Littleton, Colorado)

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