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oh my soul


take me places where I'm frightened to go

holding me

guiding me

loving me

I can no longer keep it together

I've been holding my breath for too long

I'm done living the script that others wrote


oh my soul


I will trust your rumblings

while I fall apart

I will trust your demands

as they rattle my fear

I will accept the unknown

one breath at a time


breaking chains

smashing lies

burning masks


into the dark

we're going to together

oh my soul

we're going together


together rising

together moving

together healing


towards the light

here, an open field

here, rushing water

here, the arms of trees


tears of pain

ripping it all off

tears of joy

writing my story


I fall onto the dirt

naked and exposed

...I'm finally free completely free be me


oh my soul








*written in Summer of 2018 by Jonathon Stalls of Intrinsic Paths

*included in Intrinsic Paths Volume 1

*photo: taken by Jonathon Stalls at Seal Beach, California, 2018

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