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wild grief


there you are

catching my breath

your soul in my sky

rushing water

soothing our rocks

carrying all tears

wind, oh wind

brushing my neck

let's never stop dancing


wild grief


blessed essence

smelling your smile

moving, always moving

sacred rest

the willows speak

tending all sorrow

mysterious flesh

all your games

love's humble path


wild grief


hair and veins

grasses and vines

body and heart

soil and seed

memories and hugs

canyons and trees


wild grief


all in one

one in all

blackbirds sing

babies crawl

precious face

cherished being

living forever

on nature's wings




*written in Spring of 2019 by Jonathon Stalls of Intrinsic Paths

*included in Intrinsic Paths Volume 2

*Intrinsic Paths drawing: sacred waters

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